Faces of PSA- Jeri Baumann

Jeri BaumannName: Jeri Baumann

Title: Crew Scheduling Supervisor

How long have you worked for PSA? 15 years

How long have you been in the airline industry? 15 years

Give us a brief overview of what you do: I conduct new hire training for our Crew Schedulers as well as on the desk support for our team. I focus on quality control for our department by administering policies and procedures and assisting with all things Crew Scheduling.

What is one of the biggest challenges of your job? Predicting the unknown – Every second counts when you strive to keep flights on time. There are some things that are just out of our control. Weather, maintenance, crew balancing can be difficult to juggle at times, but it is just as rewarding when you realize your effectiveness and importance to the company and passengers.

How many roles have you had at PSA? Which is your favorite? I have worked as a Crew Scheduler, Scheduling Coordinator, briefly as a Crew Planner, and scheduled the Initial Operating Experience for Pilots and Flight Attendants during our company transition from props to jets. I am now assisting with the creation of new computer programs to make our lives easier in operations. I love operations, but also enjoy the creativity side of program development.

Where’s your favorite place you have traveled? I’ve been to many places, but my favorite is Lee, Florida near TLH – small town, dirt roads… and it’s great because my family lives there.

What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy activities with my husband and little boy such as camping and vacationing. I also enjoy projects like decorating and remodeling our downtown storefront building.

What do you love about working for PSA? The excitement of the industry, wonderful people, and the sense of accomplishment. I also enjoy the food trucks!

Would you recommend PSA and why? Yes, I would recommend PSA because of the endless possibilities and the involvement of the company as a whole. I am proud of us, we have come a long way and I see many positive changes from day to day.

What did you do before coming to PSA? Can hardly remember doing anything else – mostly clerical and waitressing.

Tell us something about your role that most people don’t know: When I began my journey at PSA in 2002, Crew Scheduling was a one-man crew. Our department now has about 8-12 schedulers on duty at a time. While we monitor and maintain daily schedules for our Pilots and Flight Attendants, the fun doesn’t stop there. We are the go-to team for crew members when they have good news to report, when they’re having a bad day, or need work advice and assistance. Our friends call us every day for many reasons and this makes us feel important. What people don’t know about my role is that there is something new every day!

What has been the most rewarding part of your job? Learning and passing my knowledge to others through training. It is rewarding to introduce new Schedulers to the industry and to watch them all grow with experience.

Tell us something no one knows about you: A long, long time ago, when the PSA Operation Control Center was making its move from DAY HQ to the DAY Hangar, a friend and co-worker of mine was in need of help. She had neatly packed up her office and placed all of her personal belongings and family photos into her trash can for safe moving. The following day, she was in a panic when she noticed her “trash” was emptied and the pictures of her kids were gone. So, of course after work she went to look for her pictures and I did not stop her. I joined her and together we searched the contents of the cold, dark PSA garbage dumpster until all of the pictures of her children were found.