Cadet Spotlight- Sean Maxwell and Shaine McDaniel

Social Graphic Sean-ShaineShaine McDaniel

PSA Airlines Cadet

Senior Cadet, The Ohio State University

Why did you decide to join PSA’s Cadet Program?

I joined PSA’s Cadet Program because of the people I met at the various Cadet events. Not only was I flown out to American’s HQ and given the grand tour; I was given advice on how to progress in the challenging aviation world while having the chance to interact with many of the people that make PSA the airline it is today. I saw that PSA’s Cadet Program team was really trying to connect myself and other pilots to make a lasting impression, because of this, I knew I had to join!

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of having a mentor?

The biggest benefit to having a mentor is the ability to call or text them at any time to get information or insight about what’s going on at PSA and in the industry. There’s no better place to get all the news about the industry than from pilots who are currently in the position I want to be in a few years. Added bonus, PSA usually brings food when they visit.

A general statement regarding your school, the Cadet program, or your mentor:

Many may not know this, but “THE” is emphasized when saying THE Ohio State University. It’s an acronym that stands for “Tradition Honor and Excellence”. This is especially true concerning our impeccable flight program and our famous football team!

Fun Fact!

I had an incentive flight where I flew an F-15D Eagle for an hour while in the military. After doing some barrel rolls pulling nine G’s a few times, I knew I wanted to be a pilot.


Sean Maxwell

PSA Airlines Captain

Cadet Mentor, The Ohio State University

How long have you been involved with PSA’s Cadet Program?

I’ve been a Cadet mentor at The Ohio State University since February.

What are the best features of this program?

I think the best part of this program is that it defines a path from private pilot to a job at a major carrier. Not only that, but they develop relationships with people already established in the industry that can give guidance and advise when needed. These relationships can be invaluable towards a cadet’s career progression down the road.

What have you done personally to ensure your Cadets are making the most of their involvement with the Cadet Program?

The drive that Cadets have remind me of why I got into flying, and any way that I can make this process easier for them is all worth it. I believe this whole program centers around communication, so I try and do everything I can to make myself available to them as needed.

Any additional thoughts on the Cadet Program?

I have an outstanding group of Cadets from the best university in the land…. GO BUCKS!

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