Story of Hope

Story of Hope - Felicia Ingram newsletterI survived breast cancer 5 years ago after receiving a double mastectomy. Five years to the very week, it returned. PSA Inflight managers really stepped up with support like none other before. The AFA union reps rendered equal care and concern. However, I have learned all over again that my happiness comes from what image I give others of myself. If I show defeat or depression, I will receive pity, but if I show just a little bit of strength, that’s exactly what I’ll receive back from my supporters. Regardless of my daily fight right now, I have to have hope in myself in order for others to not only have hope for me, but for them to know that they too can make it through whatever seems to be a rough patch for themselves at any time. We are responsible for our own happiness in life. Each day I live, I can fight this. Each day I fight, it allows me Life! I had my surgery last week and will soon have chemo followed up with radiation. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to wear my pink scarf to work as I am home recovering from the surgery. But seeing pictures of my fellow flight attendants makes me so happy beyond imaginable. You see, some of them may wear it just for a change in the uniform, but 1 in 10 people will know or come in contact with someone In the Fight, a Survivor of the Fight or know someone who lost the Fight to Cancer. So whether they know it or not, seeing that Pink Scarf or Pink Tie around their neck is such a heartfelt, tearful moment for someone like me. And I thank everyone who wears pink because You help me grow strong!