Cadet Spotlight – Alysha Shaw and Rebekah Butler

AlyshaAlysha Shaw
PSA Airlines First Officer
Cadet Mentor – Central Washington University

How long have you been involved with PSA’s Cadet Program?
I’ve been involved with PSA’s Cadet Program for one semester as a Cadet Mentor for Central Washington University in Washington state. I am currently a Charlotte-based First Officer.

What are the best features of this program?
I am so thrilled to be a part of PSA’s Cadet Program because it gives students a chance to learn about and experience the airline industry years before they enter it. My Cadets have unprecedented access to information and events at PSA and American Airlines before they even graduate college. Our Cadets interview in the comfort of their own school while they are still students and never have to interview for another job again! They also receive bonuses while they are flight instructing and have a reduced contract time once they are hired on as PSA pilots. All of my Cadets are driven, hardworking young professionals and I am honored to mentor them throughout their college careers and on to successful careers at PSA.

What have you done, personally to ensure your Cadets are making the most of their involvement with the Cadet Program?
I encourage my students to attend events and participate in programs that will build their resumes and expose them to important aviation-related experiences. The majority of my Cadets attended the Women in Aviation Conference in Orlando this past spring, and joined other cadets, mentors and PSA employees at a company sponsored breakfast event.

Any additional thoughts on the cadet program?
I look forward to growing the PSA Cadet Program at Central Washington University and hopefully on the rest of the west coast as well. I can’t wait to see what my cadets accomplish as they graduate from college and come on board at PSA.

RebekahRebekah Butler
PSA Airlines Cadet
Senior Cadet – Central Washington University

Why did you decide to join PSA’s Cadet Program?
I joined PSA’s cadet program because PSA Airlines is the perfect fit for me as a regional airline choice. PSA recruiters and pilots have always impressed me with their passion for flying and the airline they work for, and the quality of life I see with the airline made it an easy choice.

In your opinion, what is the biggest benefit of having a Mentor?
For me the biggest benefit of having a mentor is the personal relationship you develop with them. It makes life at the Airlines a more realistic and obtainable goal without so many unknowns.

Any additional thoughts on the cadet program?
The PSA cadet program, and my mentor have helped me keep my eye on the goal and my motivation high, which, of course, is the key to continuous learning.