The Faces of PSA – Meet Kevin Boston

Faces of PSA - IT Helpdesk Supervisor Kevin BostonName: Kevin Boston

Title: Sr. Desktop Services Technician/Helpdesk Supervisor

How long have you worked for PSA? 9.5 years

How long have you been in the airline industry? 9.5 years

Give us a brief overview of what you do: I oversee the daily operation of the PSA IT Helpdesk. This includes monitoring the trouble ticket queue to make sure we resolve issues in a timely manner and assigning tickets to the appropriate person. I also oversee the telephone system and its programming. I put together purchase requisitions for IT equipment.

What is one of the biggest challenges of your job? I guess I would have to say trying to prioritize Helpdesk tickets. Tickets aren’t generated unless someone has an issue. I have to try to determine the need, if it’s mission critical, and who to assign the ticket to get the request resolved.

How many roles have you had at PSA? Which is your favorite? My first position at PSA was as a PC Technician. My only other role has been the Helpdesk Supervisor position and that is by far my favorite. I like the challenges and responsibilities of the position.

Where’s your favorite place you have traveled? England. During Spring Break of my senior year of high school, my grandparents took my brother and I on a 10-day trip to England. We got to see the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels, Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, Bath, and Stratford-upon-Avon (the birthplace of William Shakespeare). It was a really awesome trip.

What are some of your hobbies? I like to travel with my family, working on small (key word being small) DIY projects around the house, and reading.

You are an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan, as apparent from your desk and workspace. How did you become a Steelers fan? I started following football back in the 70’s when they won their first Super Bowl and I’ve been a fan ever since.

What do you love about working for PSA? The people and the environment. Everyone here is easy to get along with and will help you any way they can. The environment is dynamic. One day it can be laid back and stress-free and the next, not so much. It’s hard to get bored or fall into a rut when you don’t know what each day will bring. I like that.

Why would you recommend PSA? See my answer above. If you’re a people person, then PSA is for you.

What did you do before coming to PSA? I’ve been working in the IT field for the past 20 years.  I’ve worked at a few big companies in the Dayton area. I also worked for a company that performed in-home computer repair. That’s quite a change from a corporate environment.

Tell us something about your role that most people don’t know: I get to shop on Amazon for IT equipment.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job? I like the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve done my best to complete a project or make someone’s day better by implementing a solution that makes their job easier to do.

Tell us something no one knows about you: After graduating from high school, I went to the University of Colorado in pre-med. I wanted to be an Ophthalmologist. Obviously, that didn’t work out.