The Faces of PSA – Meet Maggie Short

Name: Maggie Short

Title: Internal Communications Specialist

How long have you worked for PSA? I started working for PSA on March 21, 2016. 

What brought you to PSA? I was looking for work after a long career in the media business. I felt my journalism and digital content background were skills that could transfer to corporate communications. 

Give us a brief overview of what you do: My main responsibilities are to communicate to employees about company news, events and features.

What is one of the biggest challenges of your job? Learning about all the great things that happen around PSA, especially outside of Dayton.

Where’s your favorite place you have traveled? Hmm. This is a tough one. The trip I took to Winnipeg, Canada is one I will never forget, mostly because I got to see a World Cup with my best friend.

What are some of your hobbies? Officiating soccer and playing board games with my husband.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Cincinnati. I went to Wright State University in Dayton and never left the area.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Difficult for me to picture that, but still involved in soccer and much more versed in the aviation industry communications.

What do you love about working for PSA? The people I work with the closest. The support, care and opportunities to learn daily are incredible. I went to college for journalism. I love talking to people and getting to know their story, as well as learning about a whole new world. This job gives me the opportunity to write and “be a journalist” again.

Would you recommend PSA and why? Yes. The growth and opportunities that come from working here are immense. There is a commitment to strive towards greatness that I’ve seen in few other companies.

What did you do before coming to PSA? I worked for Cox Media Group Ohio, where I held numerous positions related to managing content on various websites.

You are a U.S. Soccer National Official, what does that mean? Technically, I am a Grade 4 National Assistant Referee. I am the person on the sideline with a flag with a primary responsibility for calling offside. I am qualified to be an AR on all levels of professional soccer, except MLS (Major League Soccer, the top men’s professional league in the U.S.). I was a National Referee for two years as well (the person with the whistle running in the middle of the field).

Why did you get into soccer officiating? My older brother was a referee and my mom was an assignor. If we went to a game and there wasn’t a full crew, my mom would say, “go grab a flag and help out your brother.” I loved working games with my brother and spending time with him.

What are some of the games you’ve had the privilege to officiate? I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunities to referee some big games. Some that come to mind: Referee for the U.S. Women’s National Team vs. New Zealand; MLS Reserve League 4th official; Numerous NWSL (women’s professional league) games as an Assistant Referee; First referee to work a game when the University of Louisville opened its soccer stadium; Referee for two NCAA national championship semifinals and First female to referee an Ohio High School boys state championship.

Tell us something about your role that most people don’t know: There’s more to planning big announcements and events than most people realize.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job? Learning and feeling the support from the team.

Tell us something no one knows about you: I played snare drum for my high school marching band and two years in my college pep band.