First Officer Jason Mayer’s Journey to American Airlines

Jason Mayer1Jason Mayer is taking a big step in his career. The 38-year-old Chicago native, who has been a First Officer with PSA for 10 1/2 years, is moving on to American as part of our seniority-based flow program. Here is a Q&A with our resident pilot before he makes the transition to fly for the largest airline in the world.

Q: Before you came to PSA, where did you fly?
A: I was 18 when I took my first lesson at Palwaukke Airport in Illinois. I went to Purdue for Aviation Management and chose flying as a minor. Before coming to PSA, I flew out of south Florida for two years to the Bahamas and Cuba.

Q: How does the flow program with American work?
A: The flow agreement we have in place is based on seniority, so when your number is called, you have the choice to flow. It doesn’t matter if you’re a First Officer or a Captain; it only matters what your relative seniority is.

Q: You were based in Charlotte (CLT) with PSA. Will you remain in CLT as an American pilot?
A: I won’t be based in CLT with American. Since I’m a Chicago native and have a home both there and in Florida, Miami (MIA) or Chicago (ORD) would be an ideal base for me. Until I get enough seniority under my belt to hold either, Philadelphia (PHL) will be my assigned base.

Q: You delivered aircraft number 595 from Bombardier earlier this month. How many jets have you delivered from Bombardier?
A: I’ve delivered about a dozen new CRJ900s since the second round of planes started to arrive. All of the CRJ900s were new from the Bombardier factory in Canada.

Q: What’s the delivery experience like?
A: The folks at Bombardier are a fantastic group of people. They are just as interested in what is happening at PSA as I was to learn about how things operated at their facility.  From touring the assembly line and watching PSA aircraft being built from scratch, to the acceptance flight, right down to the delivery – it’s an experience most pilots don’t get to experience. I was fortunate to have been selected in the process.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: My hobbies include wake surfing, surfing, paddle boarding, soccer, hockey and anything on the beach under the sun.

Q: What are your future ambitions?
A: I plan on enjoying my time at American for the foreseeable future and enjoying the challenge a new job will present.

Q: What’s your most memorable moment at PSA?
A: My proudest moment recently took place during my last flight at PSA. I got to deliver aircraft number 110 to PSA with Randy Gossic. I have been flying with Captain Gossic for nearly seven years and he and I have flown every delivery that I’ve had the privilege of being part of together. He is a great friend, wonderful teacher and great pilot. It was truly an honor to have shared that experience with him.

Q: What is your favorite destination to fly to?
A: The neatest place I’ve personally flown to was Havana, Cuba, before the embargo lift. To fly into a communist country so close to the U.S., yet so foreign to Americans, was a very interesting and awesome experience.

Q: What is your favorite vacation spot?
A: I recently went to the north coast of the Dominican Republic – the Samana Peninsula.
I kind of fell off the grid for a week. I’ve been many places, but that was picture perfect.