PSA Airlines Pilots Ratify Agreement to Increase and Improve its Pilot Flow-Through Program to American Airlines

Today, PSA Airlines reached agreement with its pilot union to dramatically improve and increase its pilot  flow-through program to American Airlines. This agreement will almost double the current number of pilots flowing to American, culminating in nearly 100 pilots flowing per year. The agreement affords PSA pilots a career path directly to American through a seniority-based flow system.

“We are pleased that our pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association International, have voted in favor of this improved flow agreement,” said Michael Scrobola, Vice President of Flight Operations for PSA Airlines. “This agreement provides pilots who join PSA a guaranteed career path to the world’s largest airline, American.”

Captain Jason McConnell, Master Chairman representing the pilots at PSA Airlines stated “The direct flow to American Airlines gives PSA pilots valuable career path certainty.”

PSA Airline will hire more than 1000 pilots in the next two years and continues to be the fastest growing regional airline in the United States.

PSA Airlines Charlotte Crew News and Town Hall

PSA Airlines President Dion Flannery invites PSA employees to join him for a Crew News briefing and Town Hall session in Charlotte on Tuesday, October 20th.   This is an excellent opportunity for employees to interact with Dion and leadership to share information and ask questions about PSA’s growth, latest news and updates.

The PSA Crew News event is open to all PSA crew members and will be held at the American Airlines Training Center room 272 at 9:40 a.m. This session is followed by a Town Hall session for all PSA employees which will be held in the CLT crew room at 11:30 a.m. These sessions will focus on PSA’s growth plan, airline performance and provide a platform for open discussion between leadership and team members. Employees are invited to bring their questions and utilize this opportunity to speak directly with PSA’s leadership.

Attendance for the PSA Airlines Crew News and Town Hall will be limited to PSA employees.

Pilot Profile- PSA Captain Brooks Butler

Brooks Butler pCaptain Brooks Butler is one of PSA’s many “Jack of all Trades.” As a captain, simulator instructor, part time pilot recruiter (and father of three), Butler has helped hundreds of PSA pilots in the year that he has been with the airline.

Butler came to PSA after flying for another airline- being unable to upgrade- as well as trying out corporate flying. Neither were a fit for his career goals or family life. So when a friend from flight school told him of the Simulator Instructor position at PSA, Butler made the switch.

“The biggest challenge of being a sim instructor is that you have to know the answers to everything- Every SOP, all the systems, how to operate the simulator. Every student is different. If they’re new to the airline world and have never been through training, they usually say it is harder than expected,” explains Captain Butler. “The best part of instructing is being a mentor. These are often 22 year olds who have the world at their fingertips. They’re going to be AA pilots in 5 to 6 years. I tell them not to screw it up.”

Butler extends this leadership when helping to interview and select PSA’s future pilots. “What sets PSA apart is the people,” he says. “And it all starts in the interview. We want to hire someone that will fit into the culture. We’re not just filling seats with those that can pass training. The goal when interviewing, and while training, is to be able to say I would put my family on an airplane with this person. Keeping it safe is the main priority.”

Know the Facts. PSA Pilot Hiring Update

PSA Airlines Pilot Hiring Facts October 2015

PSA Airlines Pilot Hiring Facts October 2015

Know the Facts! As of October 2015 PSA Airlines is looking to hire 1,000 pilots in the next 24 months. Key facts for regional pilots:

  • PSA is taking delivery of 60+ additional, confirmed aircraft
  • AAG’s designated Bombardier-specialized regional provider
  • Tentative agreement that converts to pure flow and incrementally doubles the number of pilots flowing through to American Airlines each month
  • The “training bubble” is far in the past. PSA is back on track with a 13 week In-Doc to Right Seat training footprint
  • In-house ATP-CTP program, including lodging, is aimed for November 1st of this year
  • Still the fastest growing regional airline today

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Pilot Profile- PSA Captain Alissa Thody

Thody in the jet bridge. "I was standing in front of my first plane for the first leg of CA IOE. Beyond elated, so grateful, and SO EXCITED!!"

Thody in the jet bridge. “I was standing in front of my first plane for the first leg of CA IOE. Beyond elated, so grateful, and SO EXCITED!!”

As many people in the airline industry know, a lot of conversations happen between on-duty pilots and pilots jumpseating on flights. Thankfully for Captain Alissa Thody, and for PSA Airlines, these conversations can often be career changing.

“One year ago, I had never heard of PSA,” explains Captain Thody. Thody was in the right seat at that time, flying for another regional carrier, when a jumpseating PSA pilot gave her the rundown on his own experience at PSA and how maybe it would be a good move for her too. After seven and half years at that carrier, with capped FO pay and retracted upgrade opportunities resulting from a merger, it was an easy decision.

Captain Thody’s story went a bit differently at PSA. “I went into FO training studying. I never quit studying. If I had a break, I instructed. I stayed current on policies and procedures. I was always preparing for upgrade.” This paid off for Thody when at the tail end of her FO training track, out on her IOE, she received her upgrade class date. “They don’t hold your hand in upgrade. Or anywhere in our training program. There’s no compromising safety. Don’t put in for upgrade unless you’re ready to upgrade.”

So is being a captain living up to the dream? “It is so much fun. All the FOs are so positive. They know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel; eight to nine months and they’ll be upgrading, and they want to be prepared. I try to be encouraging and tell them to keep studying… They didn’t know the industry when it was stagnant, the kind of growth here at PSA is unheard of. I tell them they’re lucky.”

“I still wouldn’t have upgraded if I had stayed where I was. I’d still be living in my parents’ basement if that pilot hadn’t been singing PSA’s praises in the jumpseat. I think that says a lot about the morale here. It’s about what we’re saying when no one is listening.”