Pilot Profile: Celebrating Captain Salistean’s 30 Years with PSA

Captain Christian Salistean receives his 30 year service award

Captain Christian Salistean receives his 30 year service award

“To be in this business, you have to have a love for aviation. A love for airplanes. That’s what keeps you going,” says Captain Christian Salistean, 30 year employee of PSA Airlines, “I still get a thrill out of every takeoff I do.”

PSA Airline’s Dayton headquarters had the honor of hosting Charlotte-based Captain Christian Salistean on January 20th to celebrate his 30 years with the airline. Along with being presented his 30 year pin, framed certificate and PSA jacket, Christian met with president Dion Flannery, vice president of operations Michael Scrobola, chief pilot Shaun Schaney, and every PSA pilot and flight attendant trainee at the Mark Zweidinger Professional Learning Center.

Captain Salistean spoke amicably of his many years at PSA, offering a unique perspective to the trainees. During his time with the company, PSA has gone from a 6 aircraft fleet of 19 seat turboprops to 90 seat jets. When asked why he never chose to move on to mainline, Captain Salistean says:

“When flying a 900, I don’t see what I do differently than the guy at mainline. Our airplanes are newer; the job is the same.”

Captain Salistean also reflected on the state of the industry when he began his aviation career. When coming onboard at PSA in 1984, many airlines were furloughing pilots. And many others were shutting down.

“It’s pretty phenomenal- the fact that we’re still here. Few airlines are older than us. And being owned by a large airline… in the aviation business, as far as job security goes, it doesn’t get better than that.”

Captain Salistean’s advice to PSA’s new hires was this: There has never been a time like this- the growth, the opportunity. It’s more important than ever to invest in your training and remember what you are taught. There’s no other job like this and it is worth that investment.