Pilot Profile- Ground Instructor Jonathan Hudson

PSA Ground Instructor Jonathan Hudson was first asked to help train PSA’s future pilots shortly after completing his own training early this year. With a background in flight instructing and corporate flying, Jonathan knows the importance of finding the best fit for your career. The long hours on call as a corporate pilot had Jonathan wishing for a set schedule and a possible future as a captain.

PSA Pilot Profile- Ground Instructor Jonathan Hudson

PSA Pilot Profile- Ground Instructor Jonathan Hudson

These days he takes pride in instructing PSA trainees, coaching them for the last time before they proceed to sim. But he looks forward to flying on the line in 2015. “Instructing makes you a better pilot and flying makes you a better instructor”

The best part of the position for Jonathan: sharing the experience with his kids. “They love it. we always talk about flying stories. My oldest son knows all of the callouts. I’m sure he could pass IPT.” Thanksgiving for Jonathan will be spent with his kids in Arizona.

So what does a PSA Instructor think of this past year’s hiring surge? “It’s neat to see the training department change- the volume of people is going up but the methods of training are constantly improving, becoming more innovative. The new flight training devices, students getting tablets, various special projects taking place- it’s exciting.”

“The cool thing about PSA is that it’s one of the only places where everyone is excited to be here. I rode jumpseat last week with a PSA First Officer that has been here since this March and is about to upgrade to captain. Everyone seems to be excited about the growth, and with good reason.”