Throwback Thursday! Remembering PSA’s Trip to Mirabel

On June 5th, 2014, 40 lucky PSA employees got to participate in the trip to Mirabel, Canada for PSA’s 1st CRJ900 Delivery Ceremony and a Bombardier factory tour! The day was a great celebration for our employees and a chance to get to know colleagues from all over, see where our planes are built, and witness the collective pride and joy that PSA’s hard work has manifested.

When asked to summarize their experience, here is what some of our employees had to say:

“Overall an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I loved every second of it. I will definitely remember the Mirabel trip the rest of my life.” Christopher Sailer, Safety Program Manager

“FANTASTIC, very well done. I was very happy that management was able to allow line employees to participate in this event and appreciate the effort that went into coordinating the occasion.” – Michelle Spangler, Check Flight Attendant/Inflight Training Specialist

“I think I can speak for everyone we were treated like royalty.” – Kevin Peters, Flight Attendant

Here’s what some of our participants say was their favorite parts of the trip:

“The factory tour and interacting with the people at Bombardier who make our airplanes. Also interacting with management personnel and fellow employees.” – Donne Walton, Flight Attendant

“Enjoyed it all. The circus performers at lunch were a pleasant surprise.”- Mark Lakovich, Pilot Instructor

“Being able to tour the factory and have a person explain different parts of what they work on. I thought it was really neat to get to know that side of the company.” -Megan Bicking, Dispatcher

Make sure to view our photos from the Mirabel Trip on Facebook and Flickr and watch the video here!