A Day in Charlotte

There is always some fun happening in Charlotte! Be sure to check out our Facebook album of A Day in CLT!

So much of what makes up PSA as an airline stems from our operations in CLT. From caring managers and integral crew resources, to our amazing front-line employees themselves, a Day in CLT is one of the best ways to get a feel for what makes PSA, PSA.

First on our trip to Charlotte, we got to see one of our newer Flight Attendants, Nicole Miller , on her first 700 flight! Fellow Flight Attendant Loveisha Ortiz and Nicole both did a great job! We made sure to get a picture with the whole crew: Captain David Henderson, First Officer Charles Bault and Flight Attendants Loveisha Ortiz and Nicole Miller. They made our bright and early flight from DAY wonderful!

Next we had the honor of presenting an exceptional Flight Attendant, April Sims, with her $10,000 Above & Beyond prize! April spoke modestly about the love she has for her job and her motto to “treat every passenger like they’re First Class.” April also told us of her plans to put her prize towards buying a house. Best wishes, April! You deserve it!

We got to spend the rest of our visit with some of our Charlotte-based management. First, speaking with Chief Pilot Shaun Schaney and Assistant Chief Pilot George Reazer about their daily duties for PSA was a whirlwind! These two handle everything from daily operations and constant interdepartmental communications, to assistance with recruiting and helping resolve crew member issues. It also happened to be Assistant Chief Pilot George Reazer’s birthday. His commitment to our airline every day warranted him quite the celebration; We hope you had a great birthday, George!

We also got to see Recruiter Alycia Garrison at work as well as Inflight Assistant Manager Cindy Phillips and Human Resources Assistant Amy Portis. Speaking with Inflight Assistant Manager Cindy Phillips quickly brings to light what a true ambassador for the Inflight Department she is! Her strength lies in her approachable personality and her experience as a Flight Attendant. As someone that has walked in their shoes, Cindy is a great champion and mentor for all Flight Attendants! Similarly, Human Resources Assistant Amy Portis’ favorite of her long list of duties is her engagement with employees and her ability to help resolve their problems. Her assistance with a wide range of issues help keep our crew members able to do their jobs!

As with all of PSA’s hard working employees, it was great to see the dedication of each of these individuals on our trip to Charlotte. Make sure to see all of their smiling faces here!