President’s Award Luncheon 2014

The following employees were recognized May 6th, 2014 at the annual President’s Award Luncheon for their exemplary performance and commitment to PSA’s growth in 2013. Each of these employees were paramount in the success of our airline last year.

Flight Attendant Julie Gallion is recognized as an outstanding mentor and team player, invaluable to PSA through her service as an Inflight recruiter, Check Flight Attendant, and liaison between Inflight Management and other FA’s.

Captain Justin Chase‘s hard work through contract negotiations, voting periods, and leadership of the pilot group was essential in the success of our airline in 2013.

With changes to industry-wide pilot training requirements and our accelerated hiring, Training Coordinator Dixie Montgomery‘s workload has doubled during PSA’s growth. With over 10 years at PSA, her constant hard work is impossible to miss.

A&P Mechanics Joel Seekins and Jesse Robbins are true team players and PSA is proud to have these talented, committed employees. Their efforts in huge projects such as the building of the cabin trainer and the transfer of offsite storage have been monument in PSA’s growth this last year.

Recruiter Kacey Collinsworth approaches her duties as PSA Recruiter with honesty, integrity, and diligence. Her hard work and dedication in filling pilot new hire classes every 2 weeks has been essential in keeping PSA growth moving forward.

Please join us in congratulating these employees!

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