President Keith Houk Speaks with Trainees

On Monday, March 3rd  President Keith Houk and Vice President of Flight Operations Michael Scrobola  met with newly hired first officers, flight attendants and veteran pilots in Captain upgrade training for an impromptu briefing on March operations and the plan for operating 30 brand new CRJ 900s beginning this summer.

One topic of discussion was this year’s unprecedented winter weather and the resulting consequences on operating performance and pilot training. President Houk said the impact of this year’s relentless winter weather disrupted more flights than the period following September 11th. He addressed the challenges PSA faces with recruiting and training the required number of pilots needed to support growth. He assured the audience that the management team is focused to ensure processes are managed and efficiencies are gained to minimize breaks in the training cycle.

One message that resonated throughout Mr. Houk and Mr. Scrobola’s visit was the significant role current trainees play in the growth of the airline. Each newly hired employee is valued and will contribute to PSA’s mission of operating a safe, reliable and customer-oriented airline while preparing for a smooth integration of future aircraft deliveries.

The Mark Zweidinger Professional Learning Center accommodates the training of 100+ trainees, and for the next 18 months will continually cycle through new hire trainees every month. Apart from new hire training at the Learning Center, PSA has acquired the use of two full flight simulators from Flight Safety International to support pilot training requirements.

While growth can be challenging and a learning curve, PSA is focused on acquiring, maintaining, and utilizing the necessary resources to sustain a reliable and safe airline.

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